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There is a natural flow to all of life. This ‘flow’ runs through your entire body and all of nature in a clear fluid way, unless impeded by the differing stresses of living in the modern world. Another way is to say, stress is experienced when the flow is interrupted. The Alexander Technique is a tool for transformation, a ‘way’ for making changes to better your life.

Some people come to me for lessons in the Alexander Technique because they hurt and are looking for relief. Some people come because they want to become more proficient in an activity.   Either way, they seek a better flow in their lives, they want to discover an easier way of being.

Once one knows what to do and what not to do, (o; – they find the ease they seek simply because it is part of the human design.

I can answer your questions and we can schedule an appointment if you like. I look forward to meeting you! I teach primarily in the Boston area yet at times I am invited to travel and teach workshops around the US, Canada, Asia and Mexico.

    ~  Jamee

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